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Belton Lubas

Belton Lubas photo Belton Lubas
  • FMA // Rank: Guro
  • Kru Yai // Head Muay Thai Coach
  • Head MMA Coach
  • BJJ Brown Belt - 4 Stripes

About Belton Lubas

Belton is a lifelong martial artist who represents many great lineages and systems. Under our Muay Thai program, he holds the rank of Kru Yai (aka: Chief Instructor) under Ajahn Suchart Siam No.1. He also holds the title of Kru under the Muay Thai Naikhanomtom Association of the Sports Authority of Thailand.
For FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) Belton holds the title as "Guro" and is an NSI-Renegade JKD Black Belt and Worden Defense System Black Belt under Datu Kelly Worden. He currently oversees NSI's West Coast Training as a Director. He also holds the title of Taboada Balintawak Guro/FQI Level 7, a Tuhon in Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje III, and a Guro in Modern Cimande. Other notable achievements include being inducted into the 2019 Masters Hall of Fame for FMA.

He is also a Combatives Instructor and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach Brown Belt. Other notable credentials in his PT background include: Z-Health (R-I-S-T- Phase) Trainer, Underground Strength Coach Level II, Kettlebell Institute Coach, NASM-CPT, MAT JS-CPT, B.S. Pre-Physical Therapy.

There is a level of humility you need to acquire practicing a combat art/sport. You begin to realize how each practice transfers across everything you do in life.  When in practice, I am eager to absorb concepts and principles and find the art within my art.  But I also love to teach. Constantly teaching my art grows the art, and thus grows me. My goal is always to be both traditional and progressive, embracing the old ways but seeking evolution, new truths, and connections.  Expound on foundations built by those who sacrificed greatly for the art. The arts were never meant to be cemented in time, but rather defined by the individual, and shared with those with the passion to learn it.” - Belton Lubas